Authentic, comforting and generous, Ristorante Pietrasanta's menu reads like a treasure trove of Tuscany's time honoured treats
and some Italian classic dishes.

From Pappa al Pomodoro to the freshly handmade Pici pasta, Tonno del Chianti to Bistecca alla Fiorentina, there's so much to
discover of this region's culinary tradition.

Committed to honest goodness and using only the finest organic flour and other prized ingredients air-flown from Italy, Ristorante

Pietrasanta dedicates time to quality plates of handmade focaccia, hand shaped pizzas and handcrafted pastas.

Uplift your dining experience with a pick out of Ristorante Pietrasanta's wine cellar. Luxuriate in a splash of ruby red elegance from one of the most established viticultural areas in Italy, revel in a refreshing white or raise a glass with the celebratory bubbly, most

personally selected by Giuseppe Massimini.