Story about Pietrasanta


Founders Giuseppe and Loris Massimini and Niccolò Bertolini found themselves deeply enthralled by art loving Pietrasanta, the historic capital of Versilia snuggled between the Tirreno Sea and the breathtaking Apuan Alps. Enchanted, the trio brought along the charms of this medieval city on the coast of northern Tuscany to Singapore, finding Ristorante Pietrasanta in a black and white house along Portsdown Road in 2008.

"Ristorante Pietrasanta was started with the intention of presenting affordable Tuscan cuisine to friends, not customers.” Executive Chef Loris Massimini says.

A decade later after amassing a fan base of loyal diners with its repertoire of winning favourites, Ristorante Pietrasanta opened a new chapter at One North.

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Loris Massimini- Executive Chef

Eating well has always been a way of life for
Executive Chef Loris Massimini

"There would always be fresh pasta made from scratch. Mother came from the region of Puglia in the south and cooked everyday because Father, from the Southern region of Abruzzo, was a serious eater and would not settle for anything less." He says.

Holidays were always in the Abruzzo countryside, harvesting almonds, figs and olives. Treasured family moments of bonding over food and drinks culminated in the Ristorante Pietrasanta you see today. To Massimini, Pietrasanta is a great area to cook and eat in, comforting hearty fare is made out of soups and stews, legumes, with stellar features of great meats and seafood.

At Ristorante Pietrasanta, Massimini's cuisine focuses on premium selections of seasonal fresh ingredients, using only simple techniques as needed to retain and elevate the original flavours of ingredients.

"Cooking at Pietrasanta is uncomplicated, like that of home cooking with no fancy presentation, to deliver classic Tuscan favourites. While the cuisine is rich in taste and strong in flavour, we are lighter on salt, butter and cream, unless absolutely necessary."

For Massimini who went to cooking school at the tender age of 14, cooking is never boring. He prefers to keep food light, with a quintessential splash of extra virgin olive oil and a touch of vinegar to evoke the irresistible charms of Italy.


About our team

Led by Niccolò Bertolini, the front of house team is committed to letting guests leave with a smile after every meal at Pietrasanta.

A native of Carrara in Tuscany, best known for the finest marble and its age-old tradition of marble processing, Niccolò started working in restaurants at the age of 15.

With his experience in the food industry, he knows exactly what makes diners tick.

"It is all about giving diners the attention so they feel totally at home.” He adds, !We lead by example so the team knows to be kind, respectful and gentle with every diner who comes our way."

About the passion of hospitality he saids "Every day is a new experience, a new challenge, with old friends and new customers crossing our way, we always try to give them our best food and service.”